Lillard Field Day Info

Mary Lillard Field Day is May 19. All are welcome to join, however, only Mary Lillard students can participate. If you did not have a chance to purchase a field day shirt, please be sure to wear a t-shirt that corresponds to your grade level. 5th grade is yellow and 6th grade is blue.

With the help of the PTA, the PE department is currently selling snack packs and In & Out meal tickets, now. The meal ticket can only be used during field day. Meal includes your choice of one hamburger or cheeseburger, one bag of chips, and one drink. Each meal ticket costs $5. You will NOT be able to buy a meal ticket on field day. Please be sure to purchase the In & Out meal ticket before May 12. Adults may also purchase a meal ticket.

Each snack pack will include chips, candy, fruit snack, cookie, and Gatorade. Each snack pack costs $5. If we have extra snack packs, they will be sold during field day.  However, we cannot guarantee we will have extra, so please be sure to purchase before May 8. There is no limit on food sales.

During Field Day, Dasey’s Snow Cone truck will be on site. Snow cones will cost $3.00. Small bills appreciated.

Please email Coach Roos if you have additional questions: